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The plant of blueberry, american, vaccinum corymbosum, produces abundant fruits of good size, sweet and aromatic taste. Shrub of medium size plant of the cranberry is easy to grow even for the non-gardening experts. The plant of blueberry supplied in pots can be transplanted throughout the year. The proper distance of planting is 80 – 100 cm, and in the files spaced at least 2 – 2.5 meters. They are to be planted at regular distances of the sturdy poles which we ensure three robust iron wires. To these I tie in the main branches of the blueberry by following the length of the support wires. Choose between the cranberry plants, for sale online your variety you prefer, and be prepared to enjoy the fruits tasty! The price is discounted!

Period of maturation:
Blueberry Bluecrop: 1 - 31 July
MirtilloCoville: 10 July - 10 August
Blueberry Duke: 20 June - 10 July
Blueberry Legacy: 10 July - 10 August

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