Azienda agricola tempesti stefania GUARANTEES ALL YOUR PURCHASES UP TO 2 YEARS

Le Tue Piante sells quality plants

Our plants are cultivated in accordance with their natural rhythms and all the necessary operations, such as re-potting, fertilization and pruning, are executed at the right moment, so as to obtain healthy, well-structured plants.

Moreover, our plants are cultivated in pot: in this way at the moment of the transplanting they are put under just a little pressure, since they preserve their root system intact, thus ensuring a 100 % percentage of taking root.

Safe packaging and reliable couriers

We check in person every single plant before its packing.

We pack the plants accurately by putting them carefully in the boxes or, in case of large quantities, on pallets, taking all the necessary precautions to protect them during the transport.

We select accurately the couriers to whom our plants are entrusted, to ensure the home delivery in very good condition.

Our aim is to make sure that every plant is delivered in very good condition and is healthy.

How the guarantee works

If the plants have any problem, you must immediately send us an e-mail through the page ‘Contact us’ of this website. In the e-mail you must attach an exhaustive photographic documentation.

We will examine your documentation and, if there are the necessary terms to apply the guarantee, we will refund you the entire price which you paid.

What the guarantee does not cover

The guarantee does not cover the damages caused by frost and/or drought, or damages caused by your negligence or inexperience (wrong planting, irrigation, pruning, fertilization or phytosanitary treatment, unfit soil, and so on).

In case of doubt, contact our customer service.