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Cranberry 'Blue Crop'

Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop

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Features Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop:


Cranberry Blue Crop – Plant blueberry among the most cultivated produces, in the month of July a considerable amount of blueberries on medium-large size, of a beautiful light blue color. The fruit, consisting of, has an excellent aromatic flavour. The plant of blueberry blue crop has a root system that lends itself to the cultivation in pot.

Cranberry Blue Crop And is among the cranberry plants most cultivated in the world, resistant to frost and to the return of cold spring. With a good productivity and produces large bunches of fruit from the pulp, firm and tasty. The berries, if not eaten fresh can be stored for a few weeks in the refrigerator or frozen. The plant of blueberry blue crop has good resistance to drought and prefers well drained soils. Blooms at the horse of march and April, with white flowers decorative.

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More info about Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop

distanza piantagione 80-100 cm

Collection period:

Max height 120 - 170 cm
Exposure sun, half shade
Fruits size large, shape round-oblong, ccolore blue

What to do on arrival of Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop - Gently remove the plants of Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop from packaging, without haste and with caution. Free them from the tubular net that surrounds them by cutting the knot under the vase and pulling it upwards. If necessary water them. It is not necessary to plant them immediately, just irrigate them when the pot is dry.

Planting of Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop - Dig a hole big and deep about twice the size of the vase. Place the plants of Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop without putting them too deep. Fill the hole with a mixture of earth, universal garden soil of excellent quality and slow release organic fertilizer. Cover the plate with about a couple of inches of earth. Fill the hole completely with the necessary mixture, applying light pressure all around the plant to compact the soil.

Irrigation of Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop - After planting, abundantly water the Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop, especially in the hot months, to compact the ground. Then irrigate only when the soil begins to dry, in order to maintain an adequate moisture level at the roots and avoid problems of water stagnation.

Pruning of Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop - At the time of planting the Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop there is no need to perform important pruning. If you want to promote a thicker growth it is sufficient to proceed with a slight topping. Then proceed with more consistent pruning to give shape and vigor to the plants of Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop.

Composting of Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop - Perform in February-March and September-October two fertilizations with slow release organic fertilizer, to maintain a constant nutritional intake throughout the year.

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Reviews about Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop

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By on 25 May 2018 (Vaccinium corymbosum Blue Crop) :

Belle piante

Ottimo acquisto persone serie e competenti.

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