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Hydrangea Blue

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Features Hydrangea Blue:


Hydrangea Blue Hydrangea Macrophilla Elbtal Shrub to flower in the summer, produces a rich and prolonged blossoming blue. The Hydrangea Blue is used alone or in a group to create flower-filled corners, borders and small flower beds. It can be planted all year round.

Features Hydrangea Blue: Hydrangea Macrophilla Elbtal Plant deciduous with the speed of high growth it blooms in summer with large flowers on the umbrella, of blue colour. The leaves are large and oval, are green in color. It prefers an exposure in full sun or half shade. The distance of plantation is recommended to be 70 cm.

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Flower Color:blu - rosa se il terreno è calcareo

More info about Hydrangea Blue

Flowering period:

Type shrub deciduous
Botanical nameHydrangea Macrophylla Elbtal
Max height 0,8 - 1,5 m
Max width 0,8 - 1,5 m
Exposure mid-shade, shade
Hardiness -15/-20°C
Annual growth20 - 50 cm
Leaves large, oval, green
Flowers blue
Deliveryshrub in pot

Arrival of the plants Hydrangea Blue - Extract delicately the Hydrangea Blue plants from their packages, unhurriedly and with caution. Get them out of the tubular netting which envelops them by cutting the knot under the pot and by pulling it up. If necessary, water them. After some hours, even the plants which at the arrival might have looked crushed or ill will have again a healthy, luxuriant appearance.

Planting of Hydrangea Blue - Dig a hole about twice as big and deep as the size of the pot. Plant the Hydrangea Blue plants, without putting them too much deep. Fill the hole with a mixture of earth, universal garden soil of excellent quality and fertilizer. Cover the clod with about a couple of centimetres earth. Fill completely the hole with the needed mixture, applying a light pressure all around the plant, so as to compact the earth and not to leave hollows.

Watering of Hydrangea Blue - After having planted them, water generously the Hydrangea Blue, plants, especially during the warmer months, to compact the earth. Afterwards, keep on watering only when the soil starts to dry, so as to maintain the right humidity level at the roots and to avoid water stagnation problems.

Pruning of Hydrangea Blue - At the moment of planting the Hydrangea Blue there is no need for major pruning. To encourage a thicker growth, it is enough, if necessary, to go on with a light trimming. Afterwards, go on with a more substantial pruning to give shape and strength to the plants of Hydrangea Blue.

Fertilization of Hydrangea Blue - Execute two fertilizations in February-March and in September-October, to maintain a steady nutritional supply all year round.

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Reviews about Hydrangea Blue

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By on 14 Aug. 2019 (Hydrangea Blue) :

Ottimo prodotto

Rapidi a rispondere e nella consegna.
Piante ben imballate e corrispondenti a quanto visto sul sito.

By on 29 Nov. 2018 (Hydrangea Blue) :

condizione vegetativa molto precaria

solo per spirito di collaborazione con il vertice dell'azienda, sicuramente all'oscuro di quanto segue:
Ho acquistato codice 030 ortensia blu vaso 3L; codic e 184 ortensia paniculata diamont vaso 3L; ortensia annabelle codice 251 vaso 3L.
Non commento lo stato vegetativo delle piante, ma il codice251 non era in vaso 3L ma molto più piccolo ; vogliamo soprassedere e va bene,ma la stessa pianta aveva lo stelo principale reciso e quel signore che ha impacchettato lo sa bene perché il pacco è arrivato intatto senza ammaccatura di sorta. Non sto qui a chiedere niente tengo solo a dire che queste cose danneggiano l'immagine.Chiedo scusa ,ma tanto dovevo. michele n***

By on 08 Sept. 2017 (Hydrangea Blue) :

Piante molto belle

Grazie per le piante sono molto belle